The Canary Islands are said to be film-friendly islands thanks to their favorable conditions. In this article, we will show you different reasons why the Canary Islands are one of the best places to film.

The Canary Islands are known as dream holiday destinations, but the film industry on the islands is getting more and more popular. You can find unbeatable conditions, beautiful natural scenery and diversity, fine weather, tax incentives for national and international film productions, daily flight connections, and film-friendly accommodations. Additionally, you can work with excellent professionals, film production companies, and rent audiovisual equipment for your production.

Natural beauty and diversity

In the islands, you will have everything you need for a beautiful movie set. Enjoy a diverse landscape with a wide variety of scenery, including volcanic landscape, deserts, exotic beaches with golden sand and palm trees, lush tropical forests, remote villages, colonial cities with Canarian architecture, and the modern urban centers such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Good weather

Take advantage of the year-round good weather on the islands. It is simply perfect for shooting, as you can count on more than 3000 hours of sunshine and an average temperature of 23 ºC. The incredible quality of light and constant weather conditions will help you with your outdoor recordings.

Film tax incentives 

If you decide to choose the Canary Islands as your filming location, you will benefit from certain tax incentives. For example, foreign productions are eligible for a tax rebate of approximately 40 percent. It is a good opportunity, due to the fact that to qualify for it is enough to invest a certain amount and hire a local film production company.

On the other hand, domestic producers can qualify for other incentives and obtain a deduction of 40-45 percent of the Corporation Tax.

Flight connections and accommodation suitable for producers

It is easy to get to the Canary Islands, but especially to Tenerife, the largest of them all. It has two airports from which both international and domestic flights enter and depart. You can travel between the islands thanks to local flight companies, or by ferry. 

On the other hand, to work comfortably in your project the best thing is to get accommodation with services. There are several offers to stay in three, four or five-star hotels.

After knowing these reasons, it is not a big surprise that national and international production companies often choose the Canary Islands for their television programs, films, commercials, or photo shoots.

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